Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure 100% cold pressed and unrefined fresh fruity nose, buttery and rich. The Santa Barbara Olive Co oils are come from our ranch off the Santa Barbara Coast. Seven varieties of trees are hand picked then pressed to bring you Beautifully, Naturally Delicious Oil.

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5 oz. Jar45-100-10$5.0010.00%$4.50
375 ml. Jar45-100-29$8.5010.00%$7.65
750 ml. Jar45-100-30$17.0010.00%$15.30
12/5 oz. Jars45-100-10$60.0010.00%$54.00
12/375 ml. Jar45-100-29$102.0010.00%$91.80
6/750 ml. Jar45-100-30$102.0010.00%$91.80

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Quote Start Excellent oil Quote End
Rating : Rating By Paulo Correa  

Quote Start Excellent olive oil Quote End
Rating : Rating By Paulo Correa  

Quote Start Very good olive oil. Quote End
Rating : Rating By Paulo Correa