About Us

Santa Barbara Olive Co. has a long tradition dating back to 1850 of providing the finest gourmet olives on the market.

We are passionate about our olives and so are our customers. Our variety of hand-stuffed olives is unmatched. Our certified-organic olive was the first ever available.

The attention we pay to each olive throughout its harvest ensures the unique, high-quality taste of the Santa Barbara Olive Co. olive. Our olive selection process demands that each olive is perfect in shape, color and size. Expect more from an olive? So do we.


Santa Barbara Olive Co. olives are available in retailers nationwide, or you can purchase olives directly on our website.

Santa Barbara Olive Co.
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About Olives

Olives are the fruit of the olive tree native to the Mediterranean, Asia and North Africa, but perfectly suited to the Southern California climate. Humans have been eating olives since the Bronze Age, around 6,000 years ago.

Though raw olives are unpalatably bitter, curing and fermenting bring out the deliciously tart flavor that makes the iconic olive one of the most widely consumed foods on earth.

High in vitamin E, anti-oxidants and other beneficial substances, olives have been linked to cancer prevention and reduced risk of osteoporosis. Research shows the Mediterranean diet, high in olive and olive oil consumption, is heart-healthy, cancer-fighting and adept at keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and weight at their proper levels.

Olives figure prominently in many sacred texts, including the Bible. The olive itself is a symbol of prosperity, and the olive branch is an icon of peace and tolerance. Whether ancient or modern, humans have always recognized the special powers of the olive.